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Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 8 Review


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So, half of the season is over and now we got to wait til next year for new episodes. Beginning of the season definitely sparked interest in me, but the last epiosde kind of ruined it. We got to see the fall of Ezeike’s Kingdom in the last episode, but now even the Hilltop fell.

Negan’s army

Somehow Negan managed to clear out the zombies and amass an army. A pretty big one. After seeing so many Saviors getting killed, I don’t understand where they came from. During the siege only manpower they had was a bunch of workers and liuetenants. Literally like 20-30 guys were captured and held in the Hilltop and a shit ton was killed around the outposts.

Stupidity of one guy called Jesus

Oh yeah, let’s not forget how fucking stupid can Jesus be. This long haired wannabe leader. Where ever he meets his blood enemy, ready to kill Jesus, somehow emotions take over. Saviors kill your friends and OH-NO WE CAN’T DO THE SAME TO THEM. ooooh world has been taken over by dead zombies and bad people but naaah we live in 2017 and enemies lives are more important than ours. It’s just like modern Europe, where muslims, sworn enemies publicly hating us, are considered more important than tax payers. I hate him the most.

Now after Saviors retake the Hilltop, guess what’s gonna happen? Excactly what Morgan warned us about. All these 20 30 something fighters are gonna be released and saved. And guess what they’re gonna do? Fight against that same idiot and his crew who allowed this to happen.


Thank god they added these new minorities to the show. Altough We saw them before(briefly), finally is Islam represented in the show. First this big-boned afro-muslim wearing a scarf. She’s a citizen of The Kingdom. At the end of the episode, she literally ran around with the AK like a spec ops soldier. That’s like the farthest thing from reality seen in the show. Literally laughed my ass off.

Second encounter is also a muslim. When Carl goes looting, he sees him but Rick scares him away. Now our hero Carl goes saving him, because why not. The more cringe included, the better it is.

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